Diversity Committee


The Diversity Committee examines the level of diversity in our unions, what pathways and programs exist for developing leaders of color in the labor movement, and works with the Washington State Labor Council constituency groups to help increase union density in our constituency communities.

Cariño Barragán Talancón, Labor Council For Latin American Advancement


Term Ending 12/31/16
Rosalinda Aguirre, OPEIU 8
Kevin Allen, WFSE 843
Michael Andrew, Pride at Work
Loretta Gutierrez-Sacks, WFSE 435
Jason Holland, WPEA/UFCW 365
Tanisha Mitchell, IBEW 77
Nate Wilson, WFSE 1488

Term Ending 12/31/17
Nancy Heley, RPEC
José Rosado, ATU 587

Term Ending 12/31/18
Brianna Schuman, IATSE 15

Staff: Eric Gonzalez