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One of the services the Washington State Labor Council provides its affiliated unions is legislative education and advocacy. As is the case with collective bargaining, by joining forces and speaking with a united voice on issues affecting working families, labor has greater influence.


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WSLC's 2015 Legislative Report & Voting Record

The 2015 edition of the Washington State Labor Council's Legislative Report and Voting Record, which summarizes the fate of legislation affecting Washington's working families in this year's State Legislature, is now available online. Also, check out this year's Legislative Voting Records.

Printed copies of the WSLC's 2015 Legislative Report are being mailed to all affiliated unions. Additional copies are available upon request.

All rank-and-file members of WSLC-affiliated unions may also request a free printed copy of this publication to be mailed to them. Call 206-281-8901 for more information.

As Washington's economy recovers from the Great Recession, many good middle-class jobs have been replaced by low-wage jobs with few prospects for stability and economic growth. Workers in 7 of the 10 largest occupation groups earn less than $30,000 per year and rarely get health and retirement benefits. This suppresses our state economy and widens inequality. For a true economic recovery, the State Legislature must adopt policies that will:

● Rebuild the middle class by lifting low-wage workers out of poverty,
Protect and invest in jobs with dignity, and
● Defend against attacks on working families' standards. 

Click here to see the Washington State Labor Council's 2015 Shared Prosperity Agenda of legislative policy proposals to promote real economic recovery, strengthen local communities, and improve our quality of life in Washington.

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