Union Goods and Services

The newly formed Union Goods and Services Committee adopted the following mission statement: It is our mission to help strengthen and grow the labor movement with the promotion of products and services produced by union members and to help generate greater demand for products and services bearing the Union Label.

Patty Rose, IBEW 76


Term ending 12/31/17:
Paul Bigman, AFM 76-493
Lynne Dodson, WSLC
Chelsea Nelson, IBEW 46
Lowell Sather, IATSE 93
Karen White, OPEIU 8
Brenda Wiest, Teamsters 117
Matthew Wilkes, UA 598

Term Ending 12/31/19:
Roy Wilkinson, IAM 751E
Sherry Zeilstra, Teamsters 231

Staff: D. Nolan Groves