The Women’s Committee maintains an interest in issues of special concern to working women. It sponsors workshops on these issues, including a conference most years, and raises funds for scholarships offering educational opportunities for women to advance into leadership positions in their unions.  Membership is not limited to women.

Jackie Rae, IBEW 77


Term Ending 12/31/17
Patti Dailey-Shives, WFSE 53
Cathy Livingston, IUPAT 1964
Gloria Moncrief, WFSE 341
Jill Scott, IATSE 793

Term Ending 12/31/18
Britta Eschete, WFSE 1020
Karen Estevenin, IBT 117
Jacquie Jones-Walsh, WFSE 843
Amy Murphy, WFSE 491
Bonny Oborn, PSARA
Teresa Purtell, IAFF 27
Phedra Quincey, OPEIU8/Yakima CLC
Christina Riley, LIUNA 252

Term Ending 12/31/19
Rachel Dorfman, Musicians 105
Nancy Heley, RPEC/WFSE 443
Madeline Shumate, Teamsters 117

Staff: April Sims