Kairie Pierce


Workforce Development Director


As Workforce Development Director, Kairie works to increase awareness about apprenticeship and job training opportunities, as well as volunteer opportunities on Community and Technical Colleges’ advisory committees. For far too long, young people have been asked right out of high school to choose which college they will attend. While a four-year university may work for some students, there are other family-wage career options.

Many of Washington State’s apprenticeship programs recognize the hard work students have put into their education and give them credit for that effort. Likewise, some colleges recognize the hard work students have put into an apprenticeship program and will award “credit for prior learning.” Kairie works closely with fellow Workforce Development Directors Rachel McAloon, Bill Messenger and Emmanuel Flores, and Workforce Development Coordinator Karen White.

If you have any questions or would like more information about apprenticeship preparation in your area, contact Kairie at (360) 570-5167, cell (360) 791-1583 or via email.