Viona Latschaw

Project Help Director


As the Project HELP Director, Viona runs the Project Help program, a cooperative effort between the Washington State Labor Council and the state Department of Labor and Industries. The program’s goal is to facilitate effective communication and dispute resolution between workers, providers and employers involved in workers’ compensation claims. Viona conducts conferences, seminars and countless workshops-by-request across the state. The trainings are devoted to teaching about health and safety in the workplace and explaining our workers’ comp system. The Project Help staff collaboratively work together to help Washington’s communities to navigate the workers’ compensation system.

Latschaw first joined the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO in 1996. She has been the Project Help Director since 2011. Before joining WSLC, Viona worked in the trade unions as a member of Teamsters Local 117 and Local 130 in Seattle for 21 years. She has more than 36 years’ working knowledge and experience in the labor community. Her prior positions have included Project Help Claims Specialist, Payroll Specialist and support staff for several WSLC programs.

Viona currently serves on several advisory boards, committees and professional and technical committees. She has served as shop steward under Office and Professional Employees International Union Local No. 8, AFL-CIO. Latschaw attended Highline Community College. She currently resides in Snohomish with her husband.

Project Help’s mission is to ensure that all stakeholders understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.  Contact Project HELP at 1-800-255-9752 or visit