The Women’s Committee maintains an interest in issues of special concern to working women. It sponsors workshops on these issues, including a conference most years, and raises funds for scholarships offering educational opportunities for women to advance into leadership positions in their unions.¬† Membership is not limited to women.

Shaunie Wheeler, IBT JC 28


Term Ending 12/31/19
Rachel Dorfman, Musicians 105
Nancy Heley, RPEC/WFSE 443
Madeline Shumate, Teamsters 117

Term Ending 12/31/20
Simone Boe, WEA
Nicole Reedy, IBEW 77

Term Ending 12/31/22
Julia Barcott, WSNA
Jennifer Bentz, IUOE 609
Rebecca Cook, IATSE 488
Karen Estevenin
, IBT 117
Debbie Gath, IBT 38
Olivia Glassow, OPEIU 11
Teresa Purtell, IAFF 27
Robin Robinson, IBT 117

Staff: Cherika Carter