All affiliated organizations are invited to nominate members to serve on the Washington State Labor Council’s standing committees. These are active, high-profile committees that have developed national reputations. Nominees must be members of an affiliated local union. Committee members may be reappointed. All committees meet quarterly.

Being appointed to a Washington State Labor Council standing committee is both an honor and an obligation. Members are expected to participate in committee meetings and programs. Committee members will have an opportunity to meet members of other unions about issues of concern to organized labor and help develop policy recommendations for the WSLC.  If your organization is interested in submitting a nomination, please contact Willa Kamakahi at 206-281-8901 or 1-800-542-0904 for a nomination form.

The WSLC standing committees are as follows (click on each to see a description and a list of members):

DOSH (Department of Safety & Health) and Industrial Insurance
Economic Development and Transportation
Education, Training and Apprenticeship
Labor Immigration
Racial Justice