As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen the Washington state labor movement, the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO invites all affiliated organizations to nominate rank-and-file member leaders and staff to join one of the WSLC committees. Each committee plays a crucial role in shaping our movement and advancing the rights and interests of workers across the state.

Appointment to the following committees is both an honor and an obligation. Members are expected to participate in programs and quarterly meetings. Members meet about issues of concern to organized labor and help develop policy recommendations for the WSLC. If your organization is interested in submitting a nomination this year, please fill out this form by May 6, 2024. Please contact Willa Kamakahi at 206-281-8901 for more information.

Labor & Immigration Committee — The Labor & Immigration Committee spearheads the WSLC’s efforts to establish a robust program catering to immigrant members within Washington’s labor movement. This initiative involves devising a comprehensive strategy for swift responses to raids and detentions, conducting know-your-rights trainings, and offering assistance with naturalization, visa processing, and adjustment of immigration status. Additionally, the committee focuses on promoting best practices for bargaining aimed at safeguarding the rights and interests of immigrant workers. Our commitment extends to championing equitable bargaining practices that prioritize the protection and empowerment of immigrant workers. By fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment, the committee strives to ensure that all members can thrive, irrespective of their immigration status.

Racial Justice Committee — The Racial Justice Committee leads tirelessly in advancing social and economic justice for all. It is actively engaged in dismantling systemic racism within the labor movement, drawing inspiration from the guiding principles outlined in the WSLC Constitution. The committee remains steadfast in its commitment to confronting and eradicating the insidious forces that perpetuate racial inequality and division. Embracing an ethos of solidarity and inclusivity, the committee champions initiatives aimed at fostering a more equitable and just society. By addressing the intersecting issues of race, labor, and social justice, they strive to create a workplace environment and broader community where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

Women’s Committee — The Women’s Committee leads the charge in advocating for the rights and empowerment of working women. With a sharp focus on addressing the specific challenges encountered by women in the workforce, the committee organizes impactful workshops, providing a vital platform for discussion, education, and actionable initiatives. Committed to advancing the interests of all women, the committee actively supports policy advocacy across a broad spectrum of issues, including pay equity, workplace discrimination, family leave policies, and avenues for career progression. Moreover, the Women’s Committee assumes a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of female leaders within the labor movement. Through collaborative partnerships with affiliate unions and supportive allies, the committee strives to ensure that women have access to opportunities that enable them to thrive on the job and ascend to leadership roles within their respective unions.

Workforce Development Committee — The Workforce Development Committee is dedicated to addressing the educational, training, safety, and employment needs of workers and their families in Washington State. Collaborating with state agencies and other organizations, the committee examines the state’s economy, transportation issues, and infrastructure development to promote a robust economy supported by family-wage jobs. Its scope encompasses K-12 education, workforce training programs, and higher education institutions, including community and technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, and universities. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, the committee aims to foster a skilled workforce and sustainable economic growth in our communities.