(In alphabetical order. Click the names for biographies.)

WSLC Administrative Staff


Ingrid Chapman (she/her), Statewide Organizing Manager — ichapman (at)

Osta Davis (she/they), Political and Strategic Campaigns Director — odavis (at)

Emmanuel Flores (he/him), Workforce Development Director — eflores (at)

Jessica Gallardo (she/her), Project HELP Director — jgallardo (at)

Paul Giering (he/him), Accounting Manager — pgiering (at)

Dulce Gutiérrez (she/her), Union, Community & Naturalization Organizer — dgutierrez (at)

Sybill Hyppolite (she/her), Government Affairs Director — shyppolite (at)

Joe Kendo (he/him), Chief of Staff — jkendo (at)

Chelsea Mason-Placek (she/her), Workforce Development Director — cmasonplacek (at)

Rachel McAloon (she/her), Workforce Development Director — rmcaloon (at)

Kathy Petruzzelli (she/her), Project HELP Claims Specialist — kpetruzzelli (at)

Michael Pichler (he/him), Unemployment Insurance Navigator — mpichler (at)

Joaquín Rodríguez (he/him), Director of Racial and Gender Justice — jrodriguez (at)

John Traynor (he/him), Legislative Director — jtraynor (at)

Sarah Tucker (she/her), Interim Communications Director — stucker (at)


WSLC Support Staff


Emmanuel Carrillo (he/him), Project HELP Bilingual Claims Specialist — ecarrillo (at)

Rashea Dickey (she/her), Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer — rdickey (at)

Willa Kamakahi (she/her), Executive Assistant to the President — wkamakahi (at)

Robert New (he/him), Accounts Payable — rnew (at)

Laurel Poplack (she/they), Workforce Development and Legislative Department Administrative Assistant — lpoplack (at)