Emmanuel Carrillo

Project HELP Bilingual Claims Specialist


Emmanuel (he/him) joined the WSLC’s Project Help staff as Bilingual Claims Specialist in July 2021. Project Help is a resource for injured workers, employers, and other interested parties seeking help with Washington state’s workers’ compensation concerns. Injured workers contact this program for help with their vital questions, assistance for quick claims resolution, navigating the claims process and seeking information on industrial insurance.

Born and raised in Washington, Emmanuel is the son of an immigrant family of mostly agricultural workers. He and his twin brother were the first in their family to attend university. After earning a B.A. at Western Washington University, Emmanuel moved to Seattle and became active in workplace organizing. He helped lead his coworkers to win a union for the food service staff at Google’s Seattle area offices. As a shop steward with his union, UNITE HERE! Local 8, Emmanuel helped mobilize workers in the culinary and hospitality industry to win their own fights to join the union and for their rights at work. In his new role at the WSLC, Emmanuel will stay true to the spirit of the labor movement and extend a hand in solidarity to all workers.

Contact Emmanuel at ecarrillo@wslc.org. Contact Project HELP at 1-800-255-9752 or visit www.projecthelpwa.com.