Paul Giering

Accounting Manager


As Accounting Manager, Paul (he/him) oversees the WSLC’s financial department, including its financial services management system, general ledger analysis and interim financial reports. He works closely with Secretary Treasurer April Sims, Accounts Payable Clerk Robert New, and the fiscal departments of various state and federal government agencies to ensure proper fiscal procedures for grants, contracts, and the council itself. A member of Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 8, Paul joined the WSLC staff in March 2021.

Prior to entering the non-profit world, Paul held a variety of positions spanning accounting, finance and analytics, but says he found the work unrewarding.

All too often I felt I was supporting organizations and people with views diametrically opposed to my own core values around fairness, community, social justice, family, equality, respect and trust,” Paul said. “Tired of seeing working people and the planet exploited for profit by those corporations and people at and near the top of our economic system, I wanted to put my skills to work for an organization who champions the fight against these forces, and I found that opportunity at the WSLC. The Council makes a significant difference in all of these areas, and I am proud to finally have a role that supports an organization which reflects my values instead of challenging and compromising them. I am so happy to be part of this team.”

Paul works out of the WSLC’s Seattle office and can be reached at 206-281-8901.