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Workforce Development
Intermediary Workshop

Wednesday, April 24, 2019



Healthcare Career Advancement Program
Daniel Bustillo, Director

Equitable Food Initiative
Erik Nicholson, National Vice President
United Farm Workers

BEST Hospitality Training
Joan Abbott, Assistant Director

Keystone Development Partnership
Stuart Bass, Director

Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership
Mark Kessinich, President & CEO
Matt Waltz, Director of Administration

AFL-CIO Working For America Institute
Beth Shannon, Deputy Director




●  Workshop NOTES (Word document)

●  BEST Hospitality Training at a glance

●  BEST Hospitality Training partnerships

●  BEST Housekeeping Pre-Apprenticeship Training

●  Checklist for Labor in Skill Formation

●  Funding and Sustaining Workforce Intermediary Organizations (PowerPoint)

●  Labor Involvement in Skill Formation

●  KDP: Components of Registered Apprenticeship

●  KDP: Labor Management Training Committee pilot project

●  KDP: Skill Training for Movement Building (PowerPoint)

●  Partnership as a Force and Resource for Skills

●  Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Registered Apprenticeship flier

●  UFW – Intermediary Workshop Presentation (PowerPoint)


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